Q: Who's behind this?

A: We have a tiny volunteer board that has (many) tiny meetings every week.

Q: Where do people build tiny homes?

A: Anywhere and everywhere!

  • Some people build a tiny home near an existing house, like a granny flat.
  • Others build in the country to have a tiny home away from home.
  • Many build in 'collectives', with a few homes clustered together: a tiny community.

Q: Why build a tiny home?

A: Many people find they just don't need a big home. Other benefits include:

  • They're super cheap to build.
  • Less space means less stuff.
  • They're easy to clean and maintain.
  • Small spaces are cheap to heat and cool.
  • You can pick them up and move them!

People like them for different reasons. While they're not for everyone, some people love them.

Q: What are latest council (& other) developments?

A: Here is both an Australian list and another global list:

We'll update this info regularly as there is a lot happening. :)

Q: Where can I see more tiny homes?

A: Here is both a global map and an Australian map:

Unfortunately there are not many tiny homes in Australia yet. :(


Q: I have more questions!

No problem, email Jan and she'll sort you out: jan@tiny.org.au


In the meantime, make sure you join the mailing list so you can keep up to date on our latest tiny house projects!