Tiny Solutions: May 11-13

Can you live large in a tiny home?

Great minds make small footprints. Tiny Solutions demonstrates how tiny homes do more with less while catering to a broad range of community needs. Tiny homes offer an alternative model of sustainable, affordable and self-sufficient housing; could tiny homes also offer solutions across a broad range of social issues? Tiny Solutions is a collaboration with other tiny homes change-makers to enable this smart housing alternative to grow and thrive in order to better support our citizens and the planet, with the aim to educate and inspire potential solutions.

Take a tiny tour at three tiny homes set up around the Melbourne CBD.


  • Friday 11 May, 8am–6pm – Harbour Esplanade, opposite Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

  • Saturday 12 May, 8am–6pm – Bunnings carpark, 501 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne

  • Sunday 13 May, 8am–6pm – Bunnings carpark, 501 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne

There will be tiny talks 12–1.30pm and 3–4.30pm each day. Please note: Tiny house tours will not be held between 12-1.30pm and 3-4.30pm during the tiny talks.

Tiny Talks Agenda

- Introduction: Elle Paton, cofounder of Tiny Non-profit

- Are tiny houses legal? Can I get a permit to live in one? Safety pilot study update: Valerie Bares and Rikki Pieters of ESC Consulting, and Kate Trivic of Tiny Consulting

- Living in a tiny house: Chris Wenban of Tiny Footprint (Friday and Sunday), Sarah Smethurst of Tiny Go Lightly (Saturday)

- Building a tiny house: Ferne King of Tiny Footprint, Ric Butler of Tiny House2Go, Dave Ng of Big Tiny

- Tiny house suppliers: Kieran Callan, general manager of Nestd, Peter Vollert, managing director of Ecoflo, and Daniel Rossimel, sales manager of Surefoot.

- Q&A (20 mins) 

Kieran Callan of Nestd studied Law but decided that the commercial world would offer more diversity and challenge. He commenced his career in sales and marketing roles in FMCG and moved into general management.

The breadth and depth of his executive and Directorship experience has convinced Kieran that he can apply these skills to producing a commercial outcome which feeds directly back into social good through the Kids Under Cover studio program.

Surefoot was developed as a response to the disadvantages of using concrete and other piling systems i.e. time frame to execute and cost. The Melbourne based Inventor could see an opportunity in developing a micro pile footing system manufactured from steel. The advantages of this disruptive technology include: site efficiency, speed of installation, relative strength, price and environmental benefits.

Surefoot was first launched in 2011 after exposure “The New Inventors.” on the ABC . This exposure was the start of a successful journey for Surefoot, gaining momentum in the building and construction industry. Surefoot now has dedicated offices in AUS, NZ, China, Europe and the UK. 

Surefoot is recognised for its simplicity, speed and strength. These advantages lead to endless applications of the Surefoot footing, with a company focus on sustainable building, renewable energy  and low-cost  housing.

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Partner / sponsor / media opportunity

Interested in joining us as a tiny sponsor or media partner? Email Jan on jan@janstewart.com.au and see our sponsor deck here. We'd love to have you join us. :)


Harbour Esplanade Docklands - Friday May 11 8am-6pm

Harbour Esplanade Docklands - Friday May 11 8am-6pm

Tram to Docklands - Take the 35, 70 or 75 tram to Stop D3 Etihad Stadium/Bourke Street Docklands.

Train to Docklands - Get to Southern Cross station and take the Northern exit. Walk towards Etihad Stadium and take the stairs down to the left to reach Harbour Esplanade, Docklands. 

Car parks at Docklands

Port Melbourne Bunnings - Saturday and Sunday May 12-13 8am-6pm

Port Melbourne Bunnings - Saturday and Sunday May 12-13 8am-6pm

Tram to Bunnings - Take the 109 tram to the North Port Station/Light rail and then 9 minute walk to 501 Williamstown St Port Melbourne.

Bus to Bunnings - Take the 235 bus to the Farrell Street Stop and then 2 minute walk to 501 Williamstown St Port Melbourne. 

Plenty of parking at Port Melbourne Bunnings