A Tiny House in Urban Melbourne

Elle is currently working on developing a tiny house and community garden project in St Kilda.

We are finding that by raising awareness of tiny homes through urban projects, that this is evolving the mainstream narrative on tiny homes, and making it more likely for tiny homes to be considered a viable affordable housing option.

Community Support

We have had many groups and individuals coming forward to collaborate on this project including Permablitz Melbourne.

We have had numerous conversations with neighbours who are keen to be involved with the community garden and they have been very supportive.

And while touring his work in Melbourne, My Dog Sighs from the UK generously took time out of his busy schedule support the project goals by creating a stunning art piece for the garden (see below). As much as art is subjective, we feel the piece beautifully captures our sense of connection and focus on the tiny house movement and tiny house community (see the tiny homes in the eyes). Thank you My Dog Sighs. 

We are also looking for a local indigenous artist who would be interested in sharing their culture within the space.  If you're interested, please contact Elle Paton at for more details.  

Land Support

We would like to extend a big thanks to our friends Ron and Daniel for gifting us (on loan) a large block of residential land in St Kilda to use to develop this project.

Council Support

We have met several times with Port Phillip Council councillors and town planners who have already been very supportive of our project.

Funding Support

We are currently looking for other financial support of approx. $50,000 to get the project off the ground, to pay for permits and garden materials - please let us know if you would like to contribute. :)  

Tiny House2Go.jpg
PLAN by Danilo 3.png